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Interesed in knowing what is going on in Venezuela ? Well I have a large list of links to most newspapers, websites, blogs, opposition sites and chavista sites. Look through them & make up your own mind on whether what is happening in Venezuela is good or bad ... Read More.



Featured Contribution

Featured Contribution

Enjoy this great article about Ruth Robertson co-authored by our new contributor ... Jorge M. Gonzalez ... Click Here.

My Concept ... James

My Concept ... James

My general idea is simple ... collect everthing I can regarding Expats in Venezuela and collect all the stories, photographs, memorabilia and whatever else I can get my hands on regarding Expats in Venezuela  ... Read More

Third Culture Kid's

You a TCK ?

I'm a what you might be asking yourself ? What the hell is a TCK ? To put it simply, if you lived in Venezuela when you were a kid … you’re a TCK. The fact that you lived part of your childhood … a month or two or even 5 years in any country other than your own, your one of us ... Read More
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Written by James L Migues   
Sunday, 21 February 2010 00:00

Hey everyone !

Ok as promised here is the anouncement made by Karen Angel ... regarding the name changing of Angel Falls. Click here to read. - James.

Photo of the Week: Carlos Andres Perez (CAP)
Friday, 21 May 2010 00:00


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Maracaibo ... Republica del Zulia

Ask a Maracucho where he's from and he'll tell you "Vergacion mijo ... de la Republica del Zulia !" y vos ? ... Read More

The Shield ...

Do you know the history of the Venezuelan sheild ? Why was the horse running to the right (originally) and why is it now running to the left or is it to the right ? ... Read More


The Facts ...

Learn about Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military ... Read More

Oilfields ... Black Gold

For now I have a picture of a cloth map of the Oil Concessions back in 1933 but with your help I will be posting other oil realted photos soon. ... Read More


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Note From James ...

Well my friends, just want to say I would really like to hear from you regarding your thoughts about this site and remember ... I want your stories, experiances, memorabilia and mostly ... photos ! I want to see our Venezuela through Expats eyes, so I need your help. I want this site to be a "Library" of everything I can collect about Venezuela; a personal collection of stories we remember of "our" Venezuela. Your help is welcome. Thank you.


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